We’re Still Alive!

We’re Still Alive!

New cheat sheet now live

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been pretty quiet around here lately. I know it’s been a really long time since the last update, which I can only apologize for.

There are reasons for this and I’ll try and cover the main ones:

  1. Motivation – Honesty is key, and if I’m being honest, I did lose motivation to keep updating the site. Seeing my site visits per day and unique visitors etc, it gets a bit discouraging and makes you wonder if all the time writing new content is worth it. Because of this, I did lose the motivation to do it. However, I realise that the only way to get a bigger audience is to create quality content!
  2. The App – While I say my motivation has been low, I have been working on other aspects of LearnAutomation away from the site itself. I’m working on delivering an iOS and Android app that will deliver content to your phone without having to browse the site. I submitted the first version to the iOS app store, and it was rejected for a couple of minor reasons. Those are quick to fix so I’m hoping to have it available by end of May.
  3. Video Content – So I’ve been thinking of other ways to do content. I get that reading long articles isn’t for everyone, and as someone who consumes a lot of learning content via YouTube, I figured I’d try my hand at creating content. Trouble is, it’s not as easy as I thought, making them interesting to watch and editing it in a way that makes it look professional is hard work. I hope that by the end of May, some of my earlier articles will have video versions
  4. A Fresh Look – One thing I’m really keen to do is to give the site a fresh, clean look. Make it more minimal so that the content you’re trying to read isn’t ruined by distracting images or menus. This is ongoing and something I’m not really capable of on my own, but I have a very talented designer friend who is helping me. Stay tuned for that one

So that about covers it. I promise from today, I will make at least one weekly update in terms of automation content as a minimum with more being the target! For those that have continued to visit in the hope of seeing new content, please don’t give up on me, I assure you it’s coming.