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One Site For Everything Automation

Latest technology information? Code samples? How to guides? Best practices? Discussion about the latest trends?
Why go from site to site to find all this in different places, we will have it all here to ensure you can spend more time learning and less time browsing.


Code samples aren’t much good if they are difficult to follow. We aim to make sure that when you open our code, you know exactly what’s going on. 


A lot of sites will tell you how to do things that you’ll almost certainly never need to use in your day to day job. We aim to teach you only what you need. Whether it’s writing tests or building frameworks, we’ve got you covered.


Sites that offer content on topics as broad as automation will often make it tricky to find what it is you’re looking for. We will make sure our content is split in to logical sections, with clear navigation around the site so you can find exactly what it is you’re looking for.


I don’t claim to be the greatest coder, nor the greatest automation tester. What I will try to teach you will be honest and clear from the start. I will write articles that detail my mistakes in the past and why it’s important that you don’t make them, because learning from experience is the best way.

Latest Posts

Pixel Ratio Confusion

Tuesday Tip Day – Pixel Ratio

This is a tip being written off the back of me struggling with an issue, in the hope that it will save someone the stress I went through. The context.[…]

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Mistakes that make you facepalm

Mistakes – The Automation Ticket

Picture the scene, you have your team of highly skilled SDET’s, you have a dedicated dev-ops team, you have all the infrastructure and licenses that you could ever dream of[…]

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New cheat sheet now live

New Cheat Sheet Available

To coincide with the new ‘Introduction to Cypress’ series on the site, I’ve created a new learning resource in the form of a handy cheat sheet, that you can use[…]

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The Team

The team is small right now, but we’re always looking for people to contribute articles and content to the site.