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Tuesday Tip Day – Dealing With Tabs

When writing your automated tests for websites, you will some times have to deal with opening a new tab when clicking links or performing certain tasks. If you’re using Selenium, then it’s quite easy to think that because WebDriver only drives a single browser window, that it will also fail to deal with multiple tabs.…
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Tuesday Tip Day – Handling File Downloads

It’s a common misconception that when writing automated tests using Selenium, that anything that happens outside of a browser window or the scope of the application, can’t be tested and there’s no way to deal with it. This can sometimes be the case but more often than not, there will be a way to handle…
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Tuesday Tip Day – Turn Off JavaScript

Sometimes when designing a website or web application, it’s important to try and plan for the different kind of visitors that will be visiting your site. One of the more troublesome visitors you might get is someone who has their JavaScript turned off within their browser, either due to their security software, or just being…
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