Appium - What Is it?

Appium – Getting Set Up To Write Android Tests

In the last article, we learnt about how Appium is used to create automated testing for mobile devices. It’s a hugely popular framework, and for good reason too. It’s very powerful. Unlike Selenium, it’s not quite as simple as downloading a Nuget package and writing code almost straight away. There is a small amount of…
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Tuesday Tip Day – Dealing With Tabs

When writing your automated tests for websites, you will some times have to deal with opening a new tab when clicking links or performing certain tasks. If you’re using Selenium, then it’s quite easy to think that because WebDriver only drives a single browser window, that it will also fail to deal with multiple tabs.…
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Q&A – CSeTF Certified Selenium Tester Foundation

I’m delighted to say that the post you’re about to read today is written by the sites first ever guest poster. A hugely talented and knowledgeable test consultant, Beth Marshall. Beth contacted me originally after seeing one of my articles with an interest in helping with content. Not wanting to pass up such an opportunity,…
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Testing trends

Trends – Picking a Language

You’ve made the decision to begin learning how to code, so that you make the move in to automation testing. But now you need to pick a language to learn. That in itself can be a daunting task and I t’s not uncommon to see a number of languages across various job adverts and learning…
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Tools – Sites For Practising Automation

The best way to learn to code is to just write code. And coding for automation is no different. The trouble is, to test your code and experiment, you’ll need sites that you can actually run the code against. Using your favourite blog sites, forums or online shops can work, and for learning the basics,…
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Tuesday Tip Day – Handling File Downloads

It’s a common misconception that when writing automated tests using Selenium, that anything that happens outside of a browser window or the scope of the application, can’t be tested and there’s no way to deal with it. This can sometimes be the case but more often than not, there will be a way to handle…
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Mistakes that make you facepalm

Mistakes – Are Your Automated Tests Really Testing?

There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had from seeing a consistently green dashboard for your automated testing, the business think the testers are writing good, reliable tests and their software is free of issues. The trouble is, it’s not that difficult to get a tests that pass all the time if you’re not actually…
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Tuesday Tip Day – Turn Off JavaScript

Sometimes when designing a website or web application, it’s important to try and plan for the different kind of visitors that will be visiting your site. One of the more troublesome visitors you might get is someone who has their JavaScript turned off within their browser, either due to their security software, or just being…
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Git – What Is It?

One of the many technologies that you will encounter in the world of test automation and coding in general is version control, and one of the most common forms of that and one you’re most likely to use is Git. And for good reason too. In the modern world of coding, there is simply no…
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Tuesday Tip Day – WebDriver Screenshots

As part of a new series of articles for the site, I’m going to post a brief article containing a random tip for improving your automation skillset, from Selenium to Powershell. In this first week, we’re going to look at taking screenshots in Selenium WebDriver tests, which can be extremely useful for providing evidence for…
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